Alpha v2

Several new additions.

  • Furnished Chef Alan's Kitchen
    • Issues: Some actors aren't updated for the new furnishings.
    • Chef Alan's reversed sprite needs outlines.
  • Added new actors to map
    • Made several changes to the random movement script by adding functions to load and unload properties of the associated actor. While this was successfully implemented I failed to go through the rest of my actors in every scene and update the new parameters for the random movement script. This results in said actors disappearing from the scene. 
  • Added new map area Starchesville Gate. 
  • Made significant changes to the menu system. 
    • Will add a way to quickly exit the menu once opened. 
  • Added a character that gives you a quest item.
    • Interacting with the character again will repeat the cycle of getting the item indefinitely. 
    • I will build out the related quest, as of now having the key card does not effect the related door. 
  • There's a spelling error in the first Chef Alan dialogue. 

If you have any other comments or questions please post them in the comments section.

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Version 4 Dec 25, 2020

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