UPDATE; May 18th, 2022: So! I was able to recover a lot of the game and work out some bugs that were just game breaking after the version 3 update. It's back on track to completion.

WASD for directional control.  Alt is A, PrtSc is B, Enter is Start, the right Shift key is Select.


This game is built in GB Studio 3. This is an excellent studio for creating games that are playable on the Gameboy and Gameboy Color. It can also build a web version, HTML5, copy of the game. 

This game is in development. The current playable content is the playable demo that only contains some of the initial quests and gameplay. Hopefully it's enough to rouse your interest.

This is the next tale of Spud Bud. Follow on his quest to stop Glendin Claec and the mind controlling Sodeena from taking over the world with their potato chips! Set up as a visual novel, the story progresses through the day of a living potato, having only just learned about his origins, setting out to save the world and be made a hero.


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So when's spud bud 3 coming out?